Early literacy

Springboard Collaborative and Cadence team up

Cadence is thrilled to partner with national leader Springboard Collaborative to extend our reach to literacy in the primary grades. Springboard closes the literacy gap by coaching teachers, training family members, and cultivating reading habits.

Family partnerships

Powered by parents

Springboard taps the greatest resource in a child’s education: Parents.

Parents are the experts on their children, accumulating a wealth of knowledge about their children as learners.

Teachers visit the homes of their students to build parent buy-in and lay the foundation for a strong partnership. Weekly workshops train parents to select on-level books and ask questions before, during, and after reading. With one-on-one reading, the family living room becomes the child’s best classroom.

In 2019, 91% of participating families reported that “My child’s reading improved during the Springboard program.”

Professional development

Stronger teachers

Hands-on support is at the core of Springboard’s mission. Teachers receive personalized real-time coaching in preparation for Family-Educator Learning Accelerators — 5-10 week cycles during which teachers and parents make a plan to help children reach reading goals.

Teachers learn to deliver data-driven instruction, collaborate with families, and engage students, both virtually and in the classroom.

Demonstrated results

Dramatic reading gains

Students often lose three months in reading over the summer. In 2019, students in Springboard’s summer program made an average of six months’ gain.

About Springboard

Ten years closing the gap

Founded in 2011, Springboard Collaborative closes the literacy gap by closing the gap between home and school. Over the past decade, Springboard has partnered with large urban school districts, high performing charter networks, and national CBOs.

More About Springboard

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