Summer 2021 by the numbers

Between two sessions, the National Summer School Initiative enrolled nearly 18,000 students from 55 partner organizations in 22 states, with close to 1,400 participating teachers.

Students learned — a lot.

Students were given 30-minute pre-tests in both literature and math on the first day of the program, and post-tests as the program ended, both constructed of released state exam items. Where 100 percent reflects gaining all possible points, student scores went up 18 points in math and 10 points in literature over the 5 week summer program. 

The results are in.

Parents love NSSI.

85% of parents this summer said they were likely or extremely likely to recommend other students attend a summer school that uses NSSI's programming—with more than two-thirds selecting the highest possible response.

My child has been using words that are more descriptive and has a better understanding of grammar and composition. She is also understanding division more clearly.


What I like best about the program is that the math teacher motivates my daughter to enjoy learning more about math. My daughter was having trouble with that subject and now she understands it so well.


I enjoyed picking the children up and then telling me what they learned. My children would come home with new dance moves, artwork and homework!


I like that she is actively engaged and receiving more individual attention than the normal school year. She's also able to focus on the subjects that will help her later.


Thumbs up

Students feel supported.

My teachers give me good feedback that helps me improve my work.

80% of over 650 students who participated in NSSI’s Session 1 survey strongly agreed with the statement.

My teachers are breaking things down more. I’m learning more and remembering details better than in regular school.

8th Grade Student, Fortune School 

I like how everyone has a turn to speak, or if there is something going on with a student the teachers are always there to help as much as they can.

6th Grade Student, Milwaukee Academy of Science

I like my summer school teachers because they give me a lot of feedback and they’re honest.

3rd Grade Student, KIPP SoCal

Intellectual joy

Book lovers are born.

86% of nearly 2,000 students who participated in NSSI’s Session 1 survey agreed or strongly agreed that the program's novels made them want to read every day.

The book we are reading in this program isn't boring, it's very interesting and keeps me wanting to read more!

7th Grade Student, Galapagos Rockford Charter School

My favorite part of summer school was the novel. I was so excited to see what was going to happen next.

5th Grade Student, KIPP SoCal

School, network, and district leaders see NSSI as a huge success.

92% of participating district and school leaders say they would recommend NSSI to other schools.

I tell teachers that this is the ideal teaching environment for anyone looking to grow as a teacher. You are provided with excellent student and teacher materials, the books are engaging, and you have a master teacher to observe and who will give you direct feedback if you reach out. There is ongoing content PD and teachers, for the most part, get to focus their time on engaging students and giving meaningful feedback.

Participating school administrator

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