Pick up the pace

Extended learning

Turbocharge learning this fall by extending your school's academic program with Cadence's thinking-rich classes of Novel Studies and Math Stories. 

Our highly engaging, discourse-rich classes perfectly complement your core curriculum.  

Our programs are fully compatible with widely used programs like Wit and Wisdom and Eureka Math, in both scope and sequence and pedagogy. In math, students solve a culturally relevant, real-world problem each day; in ELA, students explore together—as they would in daily book club—a can't-put-it-down novel. 

Learning accelerator

Choose to extend your school day for all students. Build in one or more Cadence's ready-to-go classes every day alongside your existing curriculum and daily classes. Our classes are specifically designed for heterogenous groupings, so all learners—including English Learners, students with IEPs, and students performing above grade level—will benefit.  

Because students experience success every day, motivation and engagement with schooling grow. And teachers develop facility with advanced pedagogies that in turn strengthen their teaching in the core curriculum. 


After the pandemic year, many families are seeking more learning time for their children. Offer Cadence's Novel Studies and Math Stories in a highly engaging academic afterschool program.  

Select from our four daily classes to build the program that best meets your needs. With ongoing support from their Cadence mentor teachers, you can feel confident that less experienced staff, including first-year teachers, TFA corps members, and paraprofessionals, have all they need to succeed with the program--and grow as educators. 

The program can be targeted by the district to struggling students or offered to all families concerned about their children’s learning losses. 

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