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Summer 2022

New York City Department of Education partners with the National Summer School Initiative

Join us for six-weeks of accelerated learning and fun! Ensure that your child completes unfinished learning and comes to the next grade ready to succeed. The summer program is entirely free for families and runs from July 5 to August 15.

A summer like never before

New York City Department of Education teachers will use the world-class curriculum of the National Summer School Initiative (NSSI) and be supported by strong professional development from NSSI mentor teachers.

For six weeks, students will experience a warm and personal learning environment with a strong sense of social connection and engagement with both teachers and peers. Exploring outstanding, can't-put-down novels. Working with classmates to solve real-world math problems. Connection and community. And extraordinary academic growth.

A day in the life

Step into your student's shoes

See what a typical day of academic instruction and enrichment looks like at NSSI.

About the programs
Connection, Celebration, and Challenge (CCC) Morning

Each morning, CCC sets the stage for joyful learning, providing fun and inspiring challenges that fuel students' commitment to pursue academic excellence. For example, 6th graders discuss the importance of resilience. They share moments when they have observed resilience in others, or moments when they have exhibited it themselves.

Reading Morning

Every day, students participate in vibrant math and literature classes, and for many students, the day starts with literature. In Close Reading, students identify how a poet uses sensory details to convey emotion. Students learn to love to read during Novel Studies—86% of them agreed that the program's novels made them want to read every day!

Math Afternoon

Students who began the day with literature now switch to math. In Problem Solving, students tackle one problem as a class and share multiple ways to find a solution. They’re asked “How are these strategies similar and different?" Students learn to become nimble problem-solvers and master the critical standards to set them up for success in the next grade.

Enrichment Afternoon

At the end of the day, students supplement their core academic instruction with creativity and exploration through arts and athletics programs offered by their school or through partnerships with local community organizations. On special days, students might visit the Brooklyn Children's Museum for hands-on exploration, dig into the past at the American Museum of Natural History, or find beauty in numbers at the National Museum of Mathematics.

Summer 2022 schedule

Join us for six weeks this summer.

Entirely free to families

No tuition or fees. Period.

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Students love NSSI.

Students thrive

I honestly felt like all of my kids, they improved. I really, really do. One skill that I saw that they absolutely did not have when we began was the idea of close reading. That skill was not even there and I saw them develop that. And most of them told me—because I kind of polled them myself at the end. I said, what's the thing that you felt you improved on the most? What do you think you guys got the most out of this? And pretty much across the board they said, I read differently now. And I pay attention to what I read. And I'm going to be thinking about what I read and what it means for my life. I thought that was pretty cool.

NSSI 2020 Partner Teacher

Parents love NSSI.

Parents love our summer school

85% of parents this summer said they were likely or extremely likely to recommend other students attend a summer school that uses NSSI's programming—with more than two-thirds selecting the highest possible response.

My child has been using words that are more descriptive and has a better understanding of grammar and composition. She is also understanding division more clearly.


What I like best about the program is that the math teacher motivates my daughter to enjoy learning more about math. My daughter was having trouble with that subject and now she understands it so well.


I enjoyed picking the children up and then telling me what they learned. My children would come home with new dance moves, artwork and homework!


I like that she is actively engaged and receiving more individual attention than the normal school year. She's also able to focus on the subjects that will help her later.


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Vibrant instruction every day. Connection. Fun. And extraordinary academic growth. See how NSSI is changing the way students feel about summer school.

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