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National Summer School Initiative 2024

We're all coming together this summer. Districts. Charters. Community organizations.

Vibrant, live instruction every day. Connection. Fun. And extraordinary academic growth.

Accelerated learning

Deliver live, engaging, grade-level instruction for all students this summer in ELA and math.

Discourse-based, culturally responsive curriculum. Your teachers. Our expert mentors. Working together to conquer learning losses.

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Transformative teacher training

"The most helpful professional development I've ever experienced."

Feedback from partners on NSSI’s summer 2023 pre-service training is glowing! 88% of teachers and 95% of administrators agreed or strongly agreed that NSSI's training prepared them for their roles this summer. One seventh-grade literature teacher shared:

NSSI's pre-service training "is the most helpful professional development I've ever experienced because it was hands-on and dynamic. I hope I get to do this again next year!"

NSSI is proudly upending expectations for what’s possible in the realm of professional development. Equipped and inspired by NSSI’s award-winning mentor teachers, they were ready to aim high—and watch their students soar.

Learn more about our uniquely effective approach to teacher development and accelerating learning.

Build stronger teachers

Welcome to an entirely new approach to improving instruction.

Together with their same-grade peers nationally, teachers work in sustained partnership with award-winning mentors. Watch their mentor’s moves. Make them their own. See their students soar.

“It was not like a normal summer school at all.”

Harvard and University of Virginia scholars found that students in NSSI last summer improved their academic skills and gained confidence.

I honestly felt like all of my kids, they improved. Pretty much across the board they all said, I read differently now. And I pay attention to what I read. And I'm going to be thinking about what I read and what it means for my life.

from a summer 2020 ELA partner teacher

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